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InVentry is the #1 "sign in" & "visitor" management solution used by over 8,000 organisations in the UK alone. Wether you're a large organisation or a small school, InVentry solutions can be tailored to your requirements. From a simple single entry/registration point to multiple access/entry points or even multiple sites the sytem can be tailored to fit. 

The InVentry visitor management system will increase the security of your building and help you stay compliant. Our entry management system is the easiest way to keep track of who is on site at all times. With a 20-inch InVentry touch screen that is clear and intuitive, designed specifically for high volume areas of your school or business.

The InVentry sign-in system gives you the power to manage visitorsstaffpupils and contractors and is fully customisable to give every visitor a great first impression of your organisation.

Utilising the InVentry electronic visitor management system allows you to track sign in and out data for visitors, students, staff and contractors. Simply swiping an ID card either on an InVentry visitor sign-in system or our new Quickscan Touch units will record accurate sign-in information so you always know who is onsite.

Staff can also use the proximity-based app for signing in and out, on the go, from any mobile device, send pre-visit information via email and create instant customisable contractor badges. There is even a facial recognition feature in the electronic check-in system for regular contractors!

The InVentry Anywhere app allows you to access a real-time copy of everyone who is onsite from any mobile device at multiple points.

Track the whereabouts of your visitors and accurately record who is entering or leaving your site. Our visitor log book software provides site access to safeguard those who are in your buildings, and eliminates the need for paper-based visitor books.

Our electronic check-in system comes with a dedicated pupil module that allows schools to track specific pupil sign in and out events.

It allows schools to record late marks for pupils, with a reason, and provides printed passes for class, all of which can be written back into your MIS. It also provides a more safe and secure sign out process for pupils leaving school early.

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