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When it comes to document management there is no better software available than PaperCut. Simply put, PaperCut is the easy way to manage printing, copying and scanning throughout your network allowing cost control, reducing waste and reducing your environmental impact. Click here for more informaton.

Papercut Education
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Do you have folders & files all over the place? Locally, in the Cloud, OneDive, SharePoint, Teams, Google and the rest! Then Foldr is for you. Collaborate and share your foldrs and files without hassle. Click here for more informaton.

InVentry is the #1 "sign in" & "visitor" management solution used by over 8,000 organisations in the UK alone. Wether you're a large organisation or a small school, InVentry solutions can be tailored to your requirements. From a simple single entry/registration point to multiple access/entry points or even multiple sites the sytem can be tailored to fit. Click here for more informaton.

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