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Recycling & Ecological concerns

Unfortunately all organisations produce waste of one type or another. They key is how we deal with this waste.

To address the waste consumables that your printer or copier produces we have developed our own recycling scheme.

Many waste organisations will only take certain brands and specific types of waste so you are left with having to sort the items into various waste streams to satisfy your printer/copier consumable recycling agents. 

Not any more!

Our most recent audit showed that, of the consumables that were returned using our scheme, 31% were recovered for re-use and 69% were re-cycled fro raw materials. 

Kewvisum will recycle all brands of printer & copier consumable items, so you no longer have to.

Kewvisum will supply each recycling carton (61cm high x 57 wide x 43 deep) for £25.00 + VAT, this cost covers the cost of supplying and collection from your organisation.......when it's full just contact us to arrange a collection and a replacement's that simple.

To view our current Environment Agency listing please click here.

Recycling Box

Your printer can Plant a Tree !

Every time Kew supply you with a printer or photocopier Kew will Plant One Tree on your behalf.

Once your machines have been installed we will email you a certificate that you can proudly display.

The United Kingdom used to have glorious forst coverage, but changes in land use have caused deforestation.

In order to maximise the overall benefit to the area, in the UK, planting will use native trees such as Pedunculate/Common Oak, Downy Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Silver Birch, Common Alder, Aspen, Goat Willow, Field Maple, Hornbeam, Beech, and Blackthorn.

Please note that you only get a tree planted if the machine supplied is subject to a new maintenance contract.

OneTreePlanted LOGO.png

Toshiba eco credentials

Toshiba produce an unique photocopier/printer that allows you to erase the output and reuse the paper! Click here for more information or click here to watch the video!

In addition to this, Toshiba operate a "Carbon Zero Scheme", whereby the impact of your Toshiba copier or printer is offset.

As part of Toshiba's commitment to the planet, by installing a Toshiba copier or printer you will assist in various projects such as energy efficient stoves to Kenya, water boreholes in Uganda and rain forest protection in Brazil.

For more information please  download brochures from our downloads page or click the YouTube logo below for a video about a project in Kenya

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