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Papercut Education

Print Management Software

When it comes to document management there is no better software available than PaperCut.


Simply put, PaperCut is the easy way to manage printing, copying and scanning throughout your network allowing cost control, reducing waste and reducing your environmental impact. PaperCut can be configured to suit your environment allowing you to control what each department and user spends on print. PaperCut allows you to decide who can print what and where.


PaperCut comes in two "flavours", PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

PaperCut NG is an easy to use, cost effective, print tracking and control solution

PaperCut NG for Education is a version especially designed for schools

PaperCut MF offers all the same feature as PaperCut NG plus the ability to capture and track off-the-glass copier activity (copy, fax and scan) via hardware-level integration.


PaperCut may be linked in with electronic release stations (swipe card or biometric) or simple passwords.


We use our own staff to install and configure PaperCut....not many suppliers can say that!


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