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Expert suppliers

Kewvisum are expert suppliers to schools of printing equipment with hundreds and hundreds of photocopiers/MFP's and printers installed coupled with print management software.

We have an in depth knowledge and genuine understanding of educational requirements and integration of print within schools.

We are experts in the integration of print management within education and have solutions to suit every requirement from a small nursery to complex installations in large schools, colleges and universities.

We supply and install document management software, such as Papercut, allowing you complete control of who prints what, when and where. This is configured to suit your environment linking with biometric or electronic access points or existing solutions such as ParentPay.  We also offer full integration so you can  scan documents into database applications such as the "Schools Information Management System" (SIMS).


Your printer can Plant a Tree !

Every time Kew supply you with a printer or photocopier Kew will Plant One Tree on your behalf.

Once your machines have been installed we will email you a certificate that you can proudly display.

The United Kingdom used to have glorious forst coverage, but changes in land use have caused deforestation.

In order to maximise the overall benefit to the area, in the UK, planting will use native trees such as Pedunculate/Common Oak, Downy Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Silver Birch, Common Alder, Aspen, Goat Willow, Field Maple, Hornbeam, Beech, and Blackthorn.

Please note that you only get a tree planted if the machine supplied is subject to a new maintenance contract.



We offer a variety of options when it comes to paying for your equipment.

From our unique "Click to Print" option whereby we supply the equipment and ONLY charge you a fixed price per page with no minimum charges through to outright puchase of the hardware and software, we will tailor a package to suit your individual circumstances.

We can also introduce you to a leasing provider, entirely independant of ourselves, who provide "school compliant operating leases" that fulfill current government legislation and guidelines. There are specific types of leases required for schools, please click here for more information.


We also offer many allied services such as supply and installation of whiteboards, large format TV's/displays, supply of computer equipment, spare parts and upgrade parts....we'll even dispose of you old IT equipment securely including certified data destruction.

If you are an educational establishment with a printing problem, talk to will not regret it!

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