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Large Format Printers

We offer a selection of Large Format Printers to suit all requirements and budgets including one that has the ability to print in fluorescent pink!

Wether you need to print drawings, photo's, fine art or simple posters there is a solution for you.

From basic 4 colour (CMYK) to impressive 12 colour machines handling 17" to 60" media and models with scanners.

We offer a delivery, installation, configuration service alongside extended warranties or simple billing based on how much ink you use that includes day to day repair & support if required.

Illustrated here are some popular models, and below just click on the model number that meets your needs for full specifications.

Includes your subscription to PosterArtist software enabling easy creation of your designs.

GP-200 / GP-300 (A1/ 24" ~ A0 / 36")

TC-20 / TC-20M (A1 / 24")

PRO-1000 (A2+ / 17")

TA-30 (A0 / 36")

TX-4100 (B0+ / 44")

Click on the model number below for brochures and details

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